Dona AKA DJ Plant Texture – Resident Advisor Podcats (RA.608) – 22-Jan-2018

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Mix Set: Dona AKA DJ Plant Texture – Resident Advisor Podcats (RA.608) – 22-01-2018.mp3

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track list, playlist, tracklisting
Francesco Clemente – Suoni Dalle Ombre E Oltre
Raymond Scott – Idea #35
Beau Wanzer – Drew Is Dogeater
Tans – Brkggmm
Pierre Schaeffer – Prosopopee 1
Dona – Inverno (Upcoming on Creme Organization)
Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Black Humour
Gavon – Venom
Snorre Magnar Sollberg & Dj Sotofett – Untitled
Untitled – Light Sounds Dark
Untitled – Light Sounds Dark
Cyrnai – Untitled
Gunnar Haslam – He Came From The Border
Pseudo Code – Que Viva My Japanese Mother
John Cage – Williams Mix
DJ Overdose – Errorless Computer
Peder Mannerfelt – Perspectives
Daniele Cullini – The Shadow Whisper
Brad Fiedel – Terminator Main Theme
Not Waving – Battle Mountain
Plant 43 – Ascendant Machines
Experiment Zero – Napalm (Upcoming on Creme Organization)
Traxx – Introspective
Saturn V – H Sync
Nick Klein & Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Untitled
Sonic Youth – Lincoln’s Gout
I.B.M. – Limelight 80
Annea Lockwood – Amazonia Dreaming
Dona – T2 (For DJ Spank Spank) (Upcoming on Interdimensional Transmissions)
Pink Floyd – Party Sequence
Analogous Doom – Angle Of Attack
Maria Sabina – Na Ai-Ni Tso
Klaus Weiss – Time Signals Track 12
Get It Boyz – Shake That Booty
Tans – Godfather Running The Joint
J Dilla – My Victory W/ Boldy James

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