Elrow Berlin Psychedelic Trip, Matthias Tanzmann (live stream watch with us)

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elrow psychedelic trip berlin 01-apr-2018
elrow psychedelic trip berlin 01-apr-2018

one more live stream for this weekend, this is on Sunday, 1 day only, great party happening in Berlin: Elrow Berlin Psychedelic Trip. Below is the live stream, watch it with us this Sunday!! Toni Varga, Emanuel Satie, Melé, Andres Campo and the magnificent Matthias Tanzmann will be declaring the rhythm.

Elrow  Psychedelic Trip Livestream

Elrow  Psychedelic Trip Sunday Schedule

22:00 – Emanuel Satie
00:00 – Toni Varga
02:00 – Melé
04:00 – Matthias Tanzmann
06:00 – Andres Campo

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