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hello hello! how are you?

here’s some new info for you, there’s a website that helps download youtube videos. it’s called keepvid and it’s here to help you keep the vid. works with youtube and many other video downloading sites. It’s the best youtube downloader out there! keepvid is extremely easy to use, all you need is the video URL link. check out the site, it has explanations on how to get video link, bring it to keepvid, insert into the box  and press DOWNLOAd. after that happens, next screen will show a bunch of download options, use any one you like, bigger, smaller, audio only, video only.. and download.

If download doesn’t start, press Right mouse button and in the menu select Download Link As. very easy, right? enjoy!!

The site is truly incredible with old history of helping people since early 2000s when youtube just came to be. It has always come to my aid, whenever i need a video downloaded from youtube, or youtube converted to mp3, it’s all here. also this new keepvid works with playlists, it’s a cool feature, try it out on any youtube playlist. It will show a list of up to 200 videos from that playlist and will offer download links next to each of those videos. Use right mouse button to open new tabs for download, or press CTRL and click on the download links you want.

After you still need to run the process for each link, but at least you got yourself a very nice youtube playlist downloader. very few sites that say they can download youtube playlist actually do it. usually it’s the software that helps, something like youtube-dl or some other programs can help. but with keepvid you can actually get alll done in the same place, it is really amazing and comfortable. see you!

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