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Check out the treasure I’ve found recently. The greatest Instagram converter known to men. It’s easy to use, it’s fast, it works great, and it can extract audio from Instagram videos and save it to your device as mp3 file. Isn’t it great? Recently all these music producers and Djs have their own insta-pages, where they sometimes drop something new, some fresh beats… Well, those beats can be downloaded and extracted and used for your own artistic needs. How about that. Did you know?

How to use Instagram converter?

It’s very easy to use this site, the amazing Instagram converter online. Simply open Instagram app, and find post with video you’d like to download. Then hit SHARE button on that post, and as a part of any standard share screen, there will be Copy Link option. Hit that, and now you have video URL in your device Clipboard. Even easier now. Open 4ins.top and find the search box there, it’s on top of the page pretty much right under the page title.  There you paste the video link (right-click + paste, or tap-and-hold until menu with Paste option shows up), and hit the button to the right to start the process.

instagram converter

This is not exactly how it looks like at first, cause I have mp3 converter working there just to show you what it looks like. Big green button isn’t visible at first, you need to hit invisible now Convert to mp3 button. Mp3 converter button shows up after, and you can hit that to have your favorite music producer video converted to mp3 and ready to download in just 5-10 seconds. Well, download actually starts automatically, as soon as mp3 converter finishes work. So yeah, check it out…


Instagram has lots to offer, and recently there’s lots of good sounding music, short songs and such. Well, it can be downloaded and converted to mp3, as I have shows above. Hope you check out this place and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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