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Hi. Sometimes I do these posts where I talk about tools that are useful for DJs, as much as they are beneficial for normal people like you and me. And today I will be talking about Y2mate. It’s a rather old website, with at least 3-4 years belted. In this industry – the niche of youtube mp3 converter sites –  resources sometimes exist for just half a year to a year, if they are not properly hidden from RIAA and other stupid groups that are after youtube mp3 converters and downloaders….  But Y2mate endures and is still out there. They say there’s a standing court order to take it down, but it perseveres and doesn’t go down.

How to use Y2Mate?

Very easy. It just involves 3 steps and they are very plain and obvious.

Step 1 : copy video link to device clipboard

Usually it’;s very easy to find video link if you click Share button on the video. Almost all sites and networks want their videos to be spread over 1000s of resources and websites. So they allow you to share video. Instead of actually sharing it somewhere, look for “COPY LINK” option on the share button. It is almost always there. On mobile phones it even presents standard screens, so copying video link becomes very easy. With link copied to clipboard, continue to step 2.

Step 2 : bring video link to Y2mate

You can use that video link, simply open Y2mate and paste video link right in the white box on top. And hit GO. Alternatively you can use builtin youtube search. Simply start typing whatever artist or song title you want to download, and Y2mate;s search suggest system will help with useful autocomplete suggestions. Pick one or finish typing your special search keyword and run the search on your own. Here’s how it looks like

y2mate youtube search suggest
step 2 alternative – y2mate youtube search suggest

In this image we show the search suggest feature at work. And the image below shows the video search results from youtube. We are about to click the one that’s a big raised in the screenshot..

y2mate search results
step 2 alternative – y2mate search results

Step 3: download Youtube video or mp3

Now it;s just final step. Here we can download Yutube video or in case mp3 is desired – convert it to mp3. For mp3 simply scroll down to find the option and click that, then click button that loads up. For video download, simply right-click the video download button next to specified size and format you like, and in the menu select Save Link As. This will ensure  that video downloads to your device, instead of starting to stream and play for you online, beating the purpose of downloading videos to watch offline.

y2mate download video or mp3 again
y2mate download video or mp3 again

That’s all for now, hope you like this site and it comes useful for you. Otherwise I’m signing off, till next great resource I find and want to discuss with you. 😎😎

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