Top 3 most popular Youtube to mp3 converters online

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Hello my prominent dance music lovers and their friends, family and everyone around you.. I am happy today I want to deliver a piece of good information. Lately with Covid lockdowns, quarantines and simply jobless sitting at home, clubs and concerts have all been canceled too, so there was no hope in sight for a while. Until all DJs and other club performers have started looking into live streaming as a permanent solution for these darker times. And some of them have been doing it on weekly and sometimes even daily basis since like late Spring 2020.. This is of course great news for all the people locked up at home. And of course we here want to share some info on how to actually preserve all these broadcasts and enjoy them for much longer than 2-3hrs of the party.

All you need is one good Youtube converter and it will help you save so much beautiful music from Youtube videos right into your smartphone or maybe desktop for offline listening. Plus all those videos usually disappear hours after the broadcast, and they are gone forever, so there’s another good reason to extract audio from those videos and save live mixes to your device as mp3 files. And so let’s see, below I will talk-short about three biggest Youtube to mp3 converters online IMHO: Ytmp3, Y2mate and Flvto. Here’s how I feel about these 3 biggest sites…

Y2mate – the biggest mp3/mp4 converter


Y2mate is the oldest out there, it’s easy to use, it converts Youtube videos to mp3, mp4 and many other formats. Great site with long history of standing up to oppression, but it’s still here and still working great. Try it out, it’s quite reliable and resilient. If you cannot find it in google sometimes – just visit and it’s there. This site has to fight off many threats, so it disappears from Google sometimes..

Flvto – biggest Youtube to mp3 converter


Flvto is another example of resilience. Right now owner of this site (is also owner of is being under heavy fire from Big Labels and companies like Sony and BMG and others, trying to stop it from extracting music from Youtube, but in ongoing battle they cannot yet do anything to stop this monster site. It’s one of the biggest and most reliable sites out there. Try it out.

Ytmp3 – convert Youtube to mp3 online


And finally my personal favorite Ytmp3, because it can actually work with Youtube playlists, showing nice list of all the videos there and offering easy way of converting them to mp3 1 by 1, or just 3-4 of 200, it’s up to you. Also it provides nice option of being able to search from the input box right there, so keep that in mind. Site is easy to use and is quite helpful when looking for great Youtube converter option. Although this site is limited in functionality to only audio extraction, it doesn’t offer video download or conversion at all, use Y2mate for that.


Hopefully you like 1 of these 3, they are awesome and free and obviously dangerous with ads and popups, but we all know how to handle those sites, don’t we? Good day!

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