Dave Seaman & Steve Parry – Selador Sessions 86 – 31-Dec-2020

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Mix Set: Dave Seaman & Steve Parry – Selador Sessions 86 – 31-Dec-2020.mp3

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1. Yunus Guvenen ‘Making Peace’ [Do Not Sit]
2. Dave Seaman & DJ Paul (AR) ‘Loco Hermoso’ [Selador]
3. Who Made Who & Frank Weideman ‘Peter Pan Me’ [Kompakt]
4. Arude ‘Agalma’ [Blindfold]
5. Giza DJs, Crisstiano & Brigado Crew ‘Fiery Red’ (Tom Zeta)
6. Darse ‘Avoid’ [Nightcolours]
7. Steve Parry ‘Fenner’ (Murat Uncuoglu) [Selador]
8. Sascha Braemer ‘Analog Garden’ [Sincopat]
9. Dave Seaman ‘Racket Abuse’ [Selador]
10. AWEN & Caiiro ‘Your Voice’ (Enzo Napa)
11. Jesse Trinidad ‘Arnikas Way’ (Aera)
12. Douglas Greed ‘Numbers’ (Kölsch) [3000Grad)
13. &Lez ‘Dull Things’
14. Vini Pistori ‘Macchina’ (EdOne)
15. Oona Dahl ‘Godtripper’ (Patrice Bäumel) [Watergate]
16. Betical ‘Icon’ (Shall Ocin) [Atlant]
17. Fur Coat ’Shades’ (Johannes Brecht) [Renaissance]  

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